Kidzburgh partners with parents to help children understand who God is and what it means to have a life-long relationship with Him. Kidzburgh opens 15 minutes before weekend services. The Gym opens 30 minutes before each service for elementary ages.
*Please note, beginning September 9-10, the Gym will open 15 minutes before each service for elementary ages.

Secure Check-in

New to Kidzburgh?
Stop by Kidzburgh Visitor Central - located on the right near the main entrance. A volunteer will greet you and offer you a tour.

Secure Check-in
Each child has their own numbered security badge with a matching parent badge, which must be shown prior to picking up your child.

Volunteers & Staff
All Kidzburgh volunteers and staff members must complete a background check before serving and are trained on emergency procedures.

Pager System
Silent pagers are given to parents of newborn and toddlers in case your child needs you at any time during the service.

Kidzburgh is cleaned thoroughly each week. Every hand-held toy is individually sanitized.

To safely accommodate children with severe allergies, please do not send snacks with your child while they are in Kidzburgh.

Elementary Ages

Elementary age kids spend time in large groups to learn through focused games, sing with a live band, and experience creative teaching and activities.

Kids spend time in small groups to get to know each other, discuss the Bible and apply it to their lives. Kidzburgh uses The Gospel Project for Kids curriculum which teaches through the entire Bible with a weekly focus on Jesus. Kids who regularly attend Kidzburgh develop a biblical foundation for who God is, how He saves them, their value to God, and their mission in His family.

As your child approaches the middle school years, Student Ministry Staff and volunteers help your child transition from Kids’ Ministry to Student Ministry.

Newborns & Toddlers

Your child is in gentle, loving hands while you attend the service. Children are divided into one of two rooms depending on their unique stage of development.

The nursery is a quiet place with dim-lighting and rockers for babies and younger children who are not yet steady on their feet.

A safe zone for explorative toddlers and active two year olds includes a place for creative play.

Stay Connected

Parents are the most influential people in the spiritual lives of children. Kidzburgh helps equip you to continue teaching your children throughout the week. You can join our text group or follow us on Facebook for weekly ideas on how to lead your children spiritually.

Text kidzburgh to 95577 to receive a weekly text about the Kidzburgh lesson.



Your inquisitive preschooler will begin to learn the basics of the Gospel: God made the world, there is brokenness in our heart, and Jesus is the only Savior. We use a mixture of focused play, activities, teaching, song, and dance.


Check out the latest activities available for children of all ages!  



There are moments that deserve special recognition. Baptism or Dedication, First Communion, and graduation to middle school are all occasions for celebration!

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