Milestones in the Life of a Child

There are moments in the life of a child that deserve special recognition. Baptism or Dedication, First Communion, and graduation to middle school are all occasions for celebration!

Baptism and Dedication

At Orchard Hill, we practice both baptism and dedication for children. Parents can choose, based on your own theological conviction, whether to have your child baptized or dedicated.

Baptism for children is celebrated through sprinkling as a sign and seal of a Covenant Relationship, including the child in the Covenant Community of God. Baptism is a means of extending grace with the hope that saving faith will follow as the child grows and matures in their own relationship with God. Parents, family members, friends and the congregation make vows to raise the child until the day that the child can make his or her own profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

In Dedication, parents bring their children before the Lord as an act of worship and commitment – a time to publicly declare a desire to raise children in such a way that they come to a point of personal faith. 

Children who are baptized or dedicated as infants or young children may choose, when they are older, to be baptized through the sacrament of Believer Baptism.

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First Communion

This celebration is a child's first experience receiving communion as they remember Jesus Christ and His personal sacrifice for them. It is celebrated one time per calendar year and is open to children in second through fifth grade who attend Kidzburgh on a regular basis. 

To prepare for this sacrament, Kidzburgh provides discussion tools that follow the Kidzburgh curriculum and make it easy for parents to engage with their child and be better able to determine if their child understands the salvation message and is prepared to receive their First Communion. 

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