Buddy Program

Rest and renewal to families of children with special needs by providing one-to-one attention and creating opportunities for parents to take a breather while their children are cared for.

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Kidzburgh Buddy Program

In Kidzburgh, children with special needs are paired with a trained volunteer who will guide and support them during the service. Children with special needs worship and learn with kids in their age group. If a child becomes uncomfortable, our volunteers will often provide him or her with an alternative activity or a break such as a walk in the hallway or to the gym.  

We train volunteers to emphasize the following biblical teachings as they interact with children: 

  • You were created in the image of God.  
  • You were created purposefully and intentionally.  
  • God loves and accepts you.  
  • We (your church) love and accept you.  
  • God has a purpose for your life.  
  • All children are part of the Kidzburgh community.

Advance scheduling is necessary to assure adequate staffing to provide one-to-one care. If you have a child with special needs and would like them to participate in the Kidzburgh Buddy Program, please contact us and we will get you started.


Our Strategy

The Buddy Program supports families of children with special needs through:
  • Weekly one-to-one support in Kidzburgh while parents attend a worship service.  
  • Occasional family-based events with the purpose of care, encouragement and support.  
  • Recruiting and training volunteers who have a heart for serving children and families.

Our Vision

The Buddy Program is designed to:

  • Give children the opportunity to experience God's love through relationships and learning.
  • Care for children with special needs through one-to-one support.
  • Integrate children with special needs into the community.
  • Provide volunteers who can engage the attention of a child with special needs.
  • Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a developmentally appropriate way.
  • Allow parents to participate in worship services while their children participate in Kidzburgh.
  • Create opportunities for parents to have free time while their children are cared for in a loving environment.


Safe and Secure

Safety is always a top priority. It begins with environments that are safe and sanitized on a weekly basis. Each child has a numbered security badge with a matching parent badge, which must be shown prior to picking up your child. There is a very clear process for emergency procedures. In addition, there are strict policies on background checks, bathroom procedures, and multiple adults in every room.  

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